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Headaches & Hangovers • Achy Colds / Flu • Minor Joint & Backach Pains • Worse with Motion Symptoms

Intense, bursting headaches, migraines and hangovers that need dark, quiet, stillness have brought many people to Bryonia. As have slow-moving cold and flu symptoms that make us miserable and irritable with body aches and lingering painful coughs. For pain symptoms, it relieves pain and minor swelling in sprained or arthritic joints, plus stiff necks and low back pains. Constipation is tops in its gastric symptoms along with gas, heartburn and hangover symptoms. Bryonia’s hallmarks include slow onset and worse with any motion and a ‘grumpy bear’ attitude when in pain. Those who can glean the greatest benefits from Bryonia are reliable individuals driven to succeed; they approach life and work methodically without letting emotions get in the way.


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Bryonia alb is made from wild hops.

Insights from the Experts:
“People firmly rooted in the material world, objective and business-like, not hindered by much emotion... stock-brokers, businessmen. They are sober, methodical, censorious, reliable, economical and dry. When lacking this sure ground, they become irritable, anxious and sad.”
   -F. Vermuelen, condensed
   Synoptic Materia Medica


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Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
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