Headaches #33

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Natural relief for diverse headache pains with diverse tiggers– stress, heat, colds, congestion, PMS, hangovers, etc.

Headaches come in many patterns and qualities. Fortunately, so do the headache symptoms listed among
this remedy’s applications. Its calming relief extends to sudden fierce headaches as well as slow moving, heavy headaches with a variety of pain symptoms including pulsating, throbbing, bursting, shooting, pressing and nauseating headaches. The causes listed among its applications are varied as well including stress, mental strain, gastric upset, alcohol, PMS, growth or fatigue. Add that it is natural, non habit forming and safe with other medicines, including aspirin, and the choice to try #33 is simple.

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As headaches are common responses to stress, congestion, alcohol, fatigue and illness, and sensations vary greatly, selecting single remedies for headaches can be frustrating, especially if you are the one suffering. This formula combines several of the best known and most versatile single remedies for easing headache symptoms. 

• Aconite - Lists hot headaches with pressing, pulsating or bursting pain that may be induced by cold, congestion or emotional stress.

• Belladonna - Descriptions define its headaches as severe, sudden, throbbing and/or pulsating, with bursting pain on bending forward and possibly dizziness. Ideal for heat or fever related headaches with flushed faces.

• Bryonia -  Lists more gradual, bursting, splitting, frontal headaches that grow to cover the whole head. Pain is worse with any motion and with light; it induces a grumpy irritability.

• Iris -  Favors shooting, stabbing, nauseating, sick headache, may affect vision and cause pulsating pain in the forehead.

• Nux vom - Specializes in heavy, pressing headaches, often stress related, from above the eyes to the back of the head. Pain is often worse or begins in the morning, on waking. Cold weather, work, stress, alcohol or emotional strain can trigger headaches.

If pain persists too long or is very intense, we highly recommend professional attention ASAP.


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Homeopathic Ingredients Aconite, Belladonna, Bryonia, Iris vers, Nux vom
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Combination Remedy
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