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Extensive relief for diverse pains– headaches, minor joint pains, cramps and radiating pains included.

Two fundamental cell salts combine with classic singles to relieve a range of pain symptoms including: headaches, body aches (even with flu), backaches, minor joint pains, minor arthritis, injuries, cramps and pains that radiate, dart around, throb or ache in place. Dr. Wise’s Pain tablets pack the stars of first aid plus ongoing support and relief remedies.

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The pain symptoms that this comprehensive combination covers are quite extensive, so you can consider this the short list:
• Bryonia - All pains are worse with any motion, including: bursting headaches in forehead; backache (mostly small of back and neck); joints with tearing stitching pains; and pains due to fever that ache and hurt all over.
• Hypericum - Calms intense pain following injuries in sensitive areas (fingers, toes and coccyx) and aids heavy tearing pulsating headaches.
• Kali phos - The nerve nutrient cell salt's pain applications include: headaches which are usually caused by mental labor and are worse before (PMS) and during periods; minor back and joint pains that improve with gentle motion; and facial pain.
• Magnesia phos - The anti-cramp cell salt offers maximum relief for cramps, cramping pain, facial pain, radiating pains and spasmodic headaches.
• Rhus tox - Renowned for relieving tearing or minor arthritic joint and back pains that feel better with gentle motion. Its also helps headaches that run from the forehead to the back of the head.

For more details, you can visit each of these ingredients as single remedies.

More Information
Homeopathic Ingredients Bryonia, Hypericum, Kali phos, Magnesium phos, Rhus tox
Brand 1-800 Homeopathy
Product Type Combination Remedy
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