Homeopathic Medicine for Women

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Expert advise for treating a wide range of mental and physical symptoms.

From the Book's Back Cover:
This important and long-awaited guidebook brings together information and advice about the homeopathic treatment of a full range of gynecological disorders.

The author, a well-known practicing homeopath and psychiatrist, gives a clear description of each disorder and its causes and symptoms.

He discusses the conventional treatment of the complaint, and provides a list of homeopathic remedies, indicating exactly how each remedy is to be applied to specific physical and psychological symptoms.

Its Table of Contents Includes:
Adolescent Period Problems • Period Problems of the Adult Woman • Tampon or Pad • Pregnancy • Breast Feeding Problems • Puerperal Problems • Infections • Sterility and Failure to Conceive • Menopausal Problems • Pruritus Vulvae • Prolapse and Leakage • General Breast Problems • Fibroids • Cancer • Trauma and Rape • Ovarian Disease • Contraception • Sexual Problems


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Medical doctor and psychiatrist, Trevor Smith, MD, offers sage advice and describes the appropriate homeopathic applications for a wide range of mental and physical symptoms and conditions both simple and complex. His topics include and extend well beyond the applications for PMS, Conception, Pregnancy, Breast Feeding and Menopause. Trevor Smith, MD, 176 pp. paperback.

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