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Schuessler found potassium sulphate essential for the transfer of oxygen and is important to our skin, mucus membranes and respiratory systems. The remedy Kali sulph helps clear out conditions with yellow mucus or discharges including: symptoms of colds, croupy coughs, sinus or ear congestions; plus vaginal irritation or diarrhea. Its skin symptoms include: yellow flaky dandruff, skin eruptions or itchy rashes. Other symptoms that identify Kali sulph include a yellowish coating on the tongue, sensitivity to heat, shifting joint pains and minor wheezy bronchial irritation. It can do the most for those who feel hurried, yet irritable when under stress, and who feel a heavy fatigue with a boxed-in feeling.

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  1. Great for Hair falling out
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    When I turned 18 my hair started falling out for some unknown reason. By the time I was 28 I had lost a circle about 2 inches wide on the top of my head. Upon encountering Kali sulph, I started using it. 4 pellets in the morning, 4 pellets before going to bed. within 2 weeks, my scalp no longer hurt to touch it, and I started seeing baby hairs growing back! needless to say I was exstatic! within a couple of months all my hair had grown back! no joke...Hope it works for you

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