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When temperaments can fluctuate from energetic and excitable, to extremely sluggish and indifferent, you might look up this remedy. Its many symptom options include nervous fatigue, occasional sleeplessness, headaches, low back pain, sweating fever, stomach distress from smoking, ‘ball in the anus’ constipation and urinary applications. In women, Sepia relieves symptoms related to: minor vaginal irritation (dryness, thrush), menopause, heavy periods with a ‘bearing down sensation’, hot flashes and PMS, etc., especially if marked by irritability and indifference. Sepia can help both sexes with ‘never well since puberty’ complaints. 

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  1. Works in many different areas.
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    I was craving vinegar for the longest time and had no clue why, ever since i took the Sepia my vinegar cravings have stopped. Also works great for the once a month headaches I got due to my Menstrual cycle, along with the cramping and the lower back ache.. I kissed Midol goodbye, and opened my medicine cabinet to Herbal Homeopathy...

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