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#1 for Minor Joint Pain & Stiffness • Skin Irritations • Dry Cough • Restlessness

Do your joints need to move to ease stiffness the way a rusty gate needs to be worked to open freely? The 'Rusty Gate' remedy, Rhus tox, specializes in relieving achy joints, minor arthritis, low backache (sometimes with pains extending downward) and back pain between shoulder blades that need gentle motion to limber up. With Rhus, restlessness is strong– whether due to pain or apprehension, so staying in bed or even in a chair can be impossible. Other symptoms that can find relief in Rhus tox include: blistering itchy rashes, common minor hives, acne, eye irritations; tickling coughs, nervous fatigue and headaches. If symptoms are typically worse at night, sitting still, on first motion and in damp cold weather; better with gentle motion, dry warm weather and lying on a hard surface, that's Rhus.

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Rhus toxicodendron (poison oak)

Insights from the Experts:
Though applied more often on the basis of its pains and irritation, Rhus does have constitutional elements that increase its applications for certain individuals. Here are a few insights:

Mentals for Rhus tox: “Joking, restless, cheerful patients. Mind restless; jumps from subject to subject. Irritability. Impatience. Hurried... Timid. Self-conscious...Superstitious; ritualistic; fixed ideas. Compulsive disorder.”
   –Roger Morrison, Desktop Guide

Though not exclusive, an interesting tidbit:
“APPREHENSION at night... Has to be on guard [e.g. on account of unpredictable behaviour of husband - ‘I have found that the wife of an alcoholic usually requires Rhus tox’.”
- Sankaran].
  – Frans Vermeulen,  Synoptic Materia Medica

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